CSCI 4974 / 6974 Hardware Reverse Engineering

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Draft notes for upcoming lectures are provided for advance study purposes only and are subject to change. The version posted as of the end of lecture is authoritative as far as material which will be covered on quizzes etc.

Date Class
1/21/2014 Lecture 1: Course overview, motivation, legal issues, switch model of CMOS logic
1/24/2014 Lecture 2: Package construction
1/28/2014 Quiz 1: CMOS schematics, packaging
Quiz 1a: Makeup exam
Lecture 3: Depackaging
1/31/2014 Lab 1: Depackaging demo (Lab group A only, no class for group B. Location: MRC 166 EM lab)
2/4/2014 Lab 1: Depackaging demo (Lab group B only, no class for group A. Location: MRC 166 EM lab)
2/7/2014 Lab 1a reports due
Quiz 2: Depackaging
Lecture 4: CMOS layout
Download the example layouts
2/11/2014 Lab 1b reports due
Quiz 3: CMOS layout
Homework 1 out
Homework 1 images
More homework 1 images
Lecture 5: Fabrication processes
2/14/2014 No class: Canceled due to heavy snow.
2/18/2014 No class: Follow Monday schedule.
2/21/2014 Lecture 6: Deprocessing
2/25/2014 Quiz 4: Process ID and deprocessing
Lecture 7: CPLD architecture
2/28/2014 Quiz 5: CPLD architecture
Lecture 8: Microscopy and Imaging
Files for in-class exercise
3/4/2014 Lab 2: SEM Imaging (Lab group A only, no class for group B. Location: MRC EM lab)
3/7/2014 Lab 2: SEM Imaging (Lab group B only, no class for group A. Location: MRC EM lab)
3/11/2014 No class: Spring break
3/14/2014 No class: Spring break
Happy pi day!
3/18/2014 Homework 1 due (tentative)
Lab 2 reports due (both groups)
Quiz 6: Microscopy and imaging
Lecture 9: Mask ROM layout
3/21/2014 Lecture 10: PROM/EPROM/EEPROM/efuse/Flash layout
3/25/2014 Lecture 11: SRAM layout
3/28/2014 Quiz 7: Memory technology
Lecture 12: Non-invasive attacks on logic
4/1/2014 Lecture 13: Fault attacks on crypto (joint lecture by Prof. Yener and graduate student Brennan)
Prof. Yener's slides
Brennan's slides
4/4/2014 Lecture 14: Invasive and semi-invasive attacks
Lab 3: UV light attacks on PIC12F683 (both groups, during normal class period)
4/8/2014 Lab 4: Invasive attacks (Lab group A only, no class for group B. Location: Cleanroom test area)
4/11/2014 Lab 4: Invasive attacks (Lab group B only, no class for group A. Location: Cleanroom test area)
4/15/2014 Quiz 8: Attacks
Homework 2 out: PCB RE (see slides)
Lecture 15: PCB RE: Component ID, block diagram extraction
4/18/2014 Lecture 16: Guest lecture by Danny Walters (MITRE) on electromagnetic side-channel attacks
4/22/2014 Lecture 17: Anti-tamper / anti-analysis techniques
4/25/2014 Lecture 18: PCB RE: Fab, deprocessing, netlist extraction
4/29/2014 Quiz 9: PCB RE
Lecture 19: Programmable logic: FPGAs
5/2/2014 Lecture 20: Machine vision, automated RE tools
5/6/2014 Homework 2 presentations. No final exam.


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