Jeremy White's Personal Page



Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


University of Michigan-Dearborn


Work Experience:


Intern in Cyber Systems Assessments Group,

MIT Lincoln Laboratory


Diagram I made for a two-day course for MIT LL, “Introduction to Reverse Engineering”



CSCI 4972/6963 “Malware Analysis” at RPI; interested parties can email for login/password


Independent Study Advisor


Title: “Advanced Exploitation and Rootkit Development”

Syllabus: RookitSyllabus.pdf

Student website:


Title: “Malware Analysis”

Syllabus: MalwareAnalysisSyllabus.pdf


Title: “Introduction to Binary Exploitation”

Syllabus: IntroBinExpSyllabus.pdf


            Teacher’s Assistant in Computer Science Department,

          Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


·       CSCI 1010 “Introduction to Computer Programming”

·       CSCI 2300 “Introduction to Algorithms”

·       CSCI 2400 “Models of Computation”

·       CSCI 4971 “Cryptography and Network Security I” :

·       CSCI 4971 “Cryptography and Network Security II”:

                                                -interested parties can email for login/password






“Remote E-Voting System”



"Secure Protocol for ATM and Bank"



RPISEC - Computer Security Club

High School Mentorship Program
Emma Willard School

Mentee's Blog




            Infantry/Scout Sniper,

            United States Marine Corps



Undergraduate Work (not on resume):

"The Evolution of 2d Cellular Automata through Genetic Algorithms" 01/2009 - 05/2009
Meeting of The Minds Presentation

"An Analysis of Wireless Network Security at U of M Dearborn" 05/2008 - 09/2009
Project Presentation